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Choosing a Public Defender, Part 2

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To continue with our discussion on “Choosing a Public Defender,” you should know that a public defender is not able to give you or your loved one the kind of time that would be available to you with a private lawyer. Public defenders are known to handle their clients in a fast-paced manner. There is also the matter of convenience. If you are being represented by a public defender, you may have to wait a long time before your case is heard. Private attorneys tend to receive priority in some courtrooms and can have their clients moved through at a convenient pace.

The public defender you work with should know all the standard offers given by the “People” in their assigned courtroom after the first month on the job. However, they are not always able to get the experience they need in a timely manner. So, keep in mind that making special deals, outside the “standard offer” for clients, is a function of time, experience, and skill.

A public defender does represent clients in trials. Private attorneys have fewer trials because they get cases with highly motivated clients because of the large expense of a trial. Also, before taking a case to trial, private attorneys take the time to go over the risks and benefits of a trial. Public Defenders are paid a fixed salary based on a grade set by the county. If you can’t afford an experienced and skilled private attorney, working with a public defender makes much more sense than going on your own.

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Choosing a Public Defender, Part 1

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If you or a loved one has been arrested, you may be wondering if you should choose a public defender or a private lawyer. Of course, if you are short on money or in a difficult financial situation hiring a public defender is the best choice for you. Keep in mind that the public defender is a licensed attorney. As in any group of professionals, some have more experience than others. Typically the younger less experienced public defenders are assigned to misdemeanor courts, and the more experienced go on to handle felony cases.

When you go with a public defender, you aren’t able to select your own attorney, because your lawyer will be assigned by the Office of the Public Defender. You get the next public defender on the calendar. However, in some felony cases, a specially assigned public defender handles the matter after the arraignment. Or, in some cases, there may be a technical issue of a conflict which means the Public Defender’s Office cannot take a client.

In general, public defenders have to take all the qualified individuals who request their services. So, that is why they generally have very large caseloads, which means they may not be able to delegate the amount of time you feel you deserve. The fact of their having so many cases is the one area that causes the most complaints.

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Your Best Friend in Jail is Your Bail Bondsman

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No one ever intends to end up in jail. However, if you or a loved one has been arrested and is sitting in a jail cell in Pennsylvania, the first person you should call is a bail bondsman from Always Available Bail Bonds LLC. We cover bail bonds in Allentown, PA, and throughout the state for defendants who have been charged with many different kinds of crimes.

If you don’t have the finances to post bail bonds, a bondsman can post surety for you. In most cases, all you have to do is pay 10% of the total bond amount. You don’t want to put yourself or your family through the stress of having to come up with the entire amount of the bond. When you work with a bail bondsman, you don’t have to worry about that. Calling a bail bondsman ensures that you have someone on your side that knows the process and is accustomed to working with different kinds of circumstances.

Also, bail bondsmen help families and friends locate the defendant if he or she should get arrested. They let loved ones know about the situation such as the arrested person’s whereabouts, how much the bail bond is, and when the court date is. A professional and reputable bail bondsman also strives to reduce the jail-holding time and to get the process moving as quickly as possible.

Avoid These Major Mistakes When You Post Bail

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If you or a loved one has been arrested in Pennsylvania, you may be given the opportunity to post bail and return home until your court date. If, however, your bail is set above your financial means, you’ll need services for bail bonds in Allentown, PA, and all of the surrounding areas. Rely on the full-service bail bond company, Always Available Bail Bonds LLC, to post bail for you. Be careful not to make the following mistakes when you are working with a bail bond service:

Providing the Wrong Address: If you are in-between addresses, don’t write down a false address or give them a friend’s address because every piece of information you give the bail bondsman must be 100% accurate.

Leaving Town before the Court Date: You may intend to make it back in time for your court date, but taking a vacation sends up a red flag that you may be a flight risk, which could lead your bail bondsman to cancel your bail bond with no refund.

Getting Arrested Again : If your bail bonds agent doesn’t trust you, your bail might be revoked. When you are out on bail secured by hiring a bail bond service, you don’t want to mess things up.

Skipping Bail: You must appear at your court hearing, or you will accrue further fees and penalties on your bail bond, and there will also be a warrant out for your arrest.

Failure to Meet Payments: Make sure you understand the deadlines on the contract between you and your bail bond agency to receive the funds you need. Note when the money must be paid back as well as what the penalties are for missing a payment.


How to Choose Your Criminal Defense Attorney

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Your freedom is your number one concern if you have been arrested for a crime. The lawyer you choose to represent you is how you plan to protect yourself against criminal charges. He or she is your legal protector and your voice before the judge and jury. You are completely dependent on your legal representative to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you, to build an effective defense plan on your behalf, to skillfully present your arguments before the court, and to fight for the protection of your rights. You only want a seasoned legal professional to represent you in a criminal case. When you want to hire a legal professional who has the right qualifications, be sure you take note of the following tips:

  • Ascertain that the lawyer has extensive criminal law experience.
  • Check to see if the attorney has a strong track record of success in winning major criminal cases.
  • Find out if he or she is a hands-on defense lawyer who is committed to working with you directly and maintaining a strong client relationship with you. You should be able to tell a lot just by how the attorney interacts with you in your initial consultation.
  • Be sure to read online reviews about the lawyer and see what other clients had to say about the attorney’s services.
  • When you meet with the attorney ask questions, find out how the lawyer plans to help you, ask about his or her charges for legal services, and get a general vibe of the lawyer’s personality.

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What Does It Mean to Be Held on Bond?

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If you or someone you love has been arrested and is being held on bond, it means that a written promise has been signed by the defendant and surety to ensure that the defendant appears in court at the scheduled time and date. The court sets the amount of the bail, which is an amount of money in cash, property, or surety bond to make sure that a person attends all required court appearances. Being held on bond enables the arrested person (defendant) to be released from jail until his or her case is completed.

A person who has been arrested for a crime and booked into jail must go before a judge who decides the terms and conditions of that particular person’s bail order. There are certain circumstances in which bail is denied. Those cases are most likely to occur if the arrested person is considered a threat to the public. If bail is denied, the defendant cannot be released before the trial and is “remanded” into police custody.

If the defendant is granted a release from jail, a bond order has to be granted by the judge. That bond may be secured, which means that money or property is paid to secure the defendant’s release or unsecured, which is when you sign a document that says you will pay a certain amount of money if the defendant breaks his or her bond conditions.

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The Most Common Forms of Bail Bond Collateral, Part 2

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As mentioned in “The Most Common Forms of Bail Bond Collateral, Part 1,” there are a quite a few types of bail bond collateral used as options if the arrested person doesn’t show up for his or her court date. Collateral is only eligible to be returned once all the arrested person’s financial obligations are paid off and the case is closed; until the case closes a bail bond agent can keep holding the bail collateral. Some other kinds of collateral put up for bail include all of the following:


Many types of firearms work as collateral for a bail payment. If these items are worth the amount of the bond they are generally acceptable forms of currency in this situation.

Credit Cards

The limit on the credit card that is put up as collateral must exceed the penal amount that is charged if the defendant fails to show up in court.


Electronics such as the newest generation of an iPhone, which may be valued as high as $1,000, are becoming more common as bail collateral. If you can combine your electronics with a little cash, you most likely will be able to cover the amount of your bail.

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The Most Common Forms of Bail Bond Collateral, Part 1

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If a defendant doesn’t have the cash to post a bail bond to get out of jail, which is around 10% of the bail amount, other options include certain common forms of collateral. Collateral usually needs to be equal to the amount of the bond, and it is a kind of guarantee or placeholder that the arrested person will show up in court. When the defendant does appear for court, and at the conclusion of the court case, the bail bond is dissolved, and the collateral is returned to the person who posted it. While bail bond agencies set their own standards, most of them accept a variety of bail collateral, including some of the following most accepted forms:


The title of a home can be offered to the bail bond agency as a form of collateral. However, you must have equity in the home, and the home can’t be in the foreclosure stage.


If you hold the title to your vehicle, you can place it up as collateral for a bail bond. You must be the vehicle’s title holder, and you can’t have any outstanding liens or loans on it.


If you own any valuable jewelry, you can choose to put it up as collateral. The most common kinds of jewelry as collateral are gold and diamonds, but other pieces that have been appraised as valuable may be usable.

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Information You Need Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman, Part 2

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As we stated in “Information You Need Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman, Part 1,” it is usually a family member or loved one who is tasked with getting someone out of jail. When that person contacts a bondsman in Scranton, PA, he or she needs to have the information the bondsman needs in order to perform his services for the defendant.

Note that as part of the arrest and booking process, the defendant’s bail is set, his or her fingerprints are taken and a background check is performed. Defendants are also searched, and their belongings are documented in inventory.  After all this, the defendant is taken to a cell.

After a bail bond agreement is signed, the bondsman posts the bond wherever the defendant is being held. If all the information is provided correctly, the entire process may be completed in just a few hours after the criminal defendant has been arrested and booked. Some of the tips to make the process as quick as possible include the following:

Jail Location

Be sure to find out the location of the jail your loved one is in. You need the name of the jail, the city, state, and zip code. The bail bondsman needs all of the pertinent information in order to process your loved one’s bail properly.

Amount of the Bail

Your bail bondsman can find out how much bail they need to post once they have a booking number and the jail location. When the bondsman knows what the court has set for bail, they can tell you how much you’ll need to provide for their services.




Information You Need Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman, Part 1

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You want to get your loved one released from jail as soon as possible. Everything in the process goes more smoothly if you gather a few key pieces of information before you contact the bail agent. Once the agent has the necessary paperwork, he can get the person in jail out in a timely manner. Check out the tips below which you should have in hand to answer the questions your bondsman will ask.

Defendant’s Full Name

You need the defendant’s full name, including middle name, completed with the correct spelling to give to the bail agent. You should also have the arrested person’s birthday (with year) as a piece of information that properly identifies him or her.

Arrested Person’s Booking Number

The booking number is basically your loved one’s only form of identification while he or she is in jail. That’s the number used by the facility to record the defendant’s information and keep track of that particular case. The bail bondsman needs the booking number in order to identify who they are posting bail for, to make sure there are no mix-ups during the process.

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